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What is Music Theory?

Music theory (or theory of music) is the study of the whole structure or system that forms music in its key aspects of melody, harmony and rhythm, including special methods for analysing, classifying, composing and understanding music.

When we look at great musicians creating highly arrangements, that motivation suddenly comes forth: “I need to learn music theory!” After all, who does not want to learn how to securely improvise, whatever the harmony: Who doesn’t want to know how to arrange music, innovate, make changes to the chords, play with scales, and carry out innovative solo performances?

The Problem with Music Theory Books

However, all this motivation suddenly peters out when we see those boring books about music theory. Let’s face it, most books and booklets on music theory are very boring, do not give good explanations, are often confusing, or are appropriate only for people who are already experts in the field.

Music Theory for Beginners

The best solution for some students of music theory (a few) ends up being the payment of a fortune so that a good teacher can teach what the books do not, especially when starting out in the field. The bulk of the people, however, end up making do with the technical basics, living with superficiality, while the ocean is still covered.

More than Just a Course in Music Theory

The main goal of this site is to provide a solid theoretical base about music, in a way that is simple and easy to understand, differently from everything else that you have seen out there. We shall close the gaps in your knowledge, whatever they may be, until you can use your creativity in its essence, with solid knowledge. We hope that this site will not be just another site to forget, but that this site shall be a reference and shall (really) solve your complications.

So welcome to Simplifying Theory! Music theory is not that difficult. You shall see for yourself!

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