Chromatic Approach Notes

This resource is a complement to the study of target notes that we’ve already done. We would just like to point out that the target notes by Chromatic Approach bring many outside notes to your solo, that is, you will be adding notes to your solo that do not belong to the song’s tonality.

This resource when well-mastered gives the impression that the musician knows a lot of music theory, as the sound produced brings numerous alternative notes that embellish the solo. The secret behind this is the ability to work on each chord. You already know this concept (if it is a bit obscure, read the article on target notes again).

We will show you some examples in this article on the C major chord for the guitar that use this chromatic approach, where the chord notes are highlighted in red. The idea here is to think about the structure of the chord and the approaches starting from this structure/shape. Choose the ones you like best and apply them to your solos!

Ascending chromatic approach on the C chord (with barre chord on the 8th fret):

Ascending Chromatic Approach

chromatic approach notes

Descending Chromatic Approach on C (open chord):

descending chromatic approximation

Chromatic approach ideas on the Em7 chord (with barre chord on the 7th fret):

chromatic chord

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