Guitar Fingers

Notation for chords fingering (guitar)

The notation used here in the website to represent the chords on the guitar is as follows:

guitar fingers

The numbers on the strings represent the fingers of the left hand, as shown below:

hand finger notation

The number to the left of the drawing (highlighted in red just below) informs which fret of the instrument that space is in:

notation to the guitar

In this example, that number represents the 1st fret on the fretboard.

Barre chord

If there is a line in any box in the representation, as in the example below:

bar chord

This represents a barre chord, that is, the index finger must be stretched out in that fret.

Below the strings, we will inform you which note corresponds to each fingering of the chord. Please see below (in red):

guitar played
When no notes appear on a string, it means that the string should not be played. In the previous drawing, the 6th string does not have any notes written below it, so it should not be played:

dont play this

Note: when we want to show the fingering on the piano, we will indicate it in the same way as we did in the article on musical scales.

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