Music Theory Online

Music theory is the study of the whole structure and  process of music formation.

When we see great musicians doing very creative arrangements, the motivation arises: I need to learn music theory”. After all, who does not care about musical improvisation? Who does not want to know arranging songs, innovating, change chords, playing with several scales, making innovative solos?

The problem in the music theory books

But all this motivation falls apart when we encounter those boring books about music theory. We agree that 99.99% of all books and music theory courses are heavy reading, boring, poorly explained, or they are only useful to those who are already experts on the subject.

Music Theory for Dummies

The solution for some people is to end up paying a fortune for a good teacher to teach what the books do not translateAnd the rest of the people end up living in superficiality while the ocean remains cloudy.

More than a music theory class

The purpose of this website is to provide a theoretical base about music theory, but in a simple and easy way to understand, unlike anything you have ever seen before. Let’s fill the gaps in your knowledgewhatever they areuntil you can use your creativity in essence, with solid knowledgeWe hope that this website is not just another one to be forgottenbut to answer your doubtsWelcome to Simplifying Theory!

Music is not so hardYou will see.

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