List of easy songs for beginner guitar players

If you are starting your guitar studies, be aware that one of the best ways to train it is to play songs with easy chords. Doing this, our brain memorizes the chords much easier, as also rhythms and transitions from one chord to another.

There is no mystery at all, anyone wishing to learn how to play the guitar must play the guitar! The best idea would be for you to choose some songs that you like, so that you get more pleasure out of studying.

At the end of this article, we shall give an important tip to those who feel somewhat frustrated for not being to play music as they would like. There is no need to worry, as this is quite normal. Indeed, without organisation of studies it gets very difficult to develop in the correct manner.

Below we present three separate lists of famous songs for you to choose, all recommended for beginners. One list presents international songs and a second list presents gospel music.

International Songs

List of easy gospel music

Remark: To make things easier, you can disregard the extensions of the chords. For example, D9 (you can play the chord as if it were only D); G7M (as if it were only G). However, you need to be careful when the chord is minor, as it must remain minor. Example: Bm7 (you can play Bm, but not B!).

If you are having difficulties in learning a chord or a rhythm on the right hand, then we recommend that you get to know a full guitar course. Some course that is prepared step by step for those wishing to develop guitar skills in all aspects (left hand, right hand, coordination and so on), gradually increasing the level of difficulty with each class, with new exercises and exclusive tips.

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