Terms and Conditions

Anyone who accesses (in any form) the Simplifying Theory site is considered a site user. The use and/or copying of this educational site means that the user accepts and understands all the guidelines shown below:


The contents of this site, including (but not limited to) exercises, tests, songs, pictures, tables and texts, are authored by the creators of this site, meaning that any partial reproduction of the content is forbidden unless there is due reference to the site and/or the page which brings the original content. The reproduction of the full content of the site (for example, with the creation of a book in compact format containing all the materials and articles in the site) is strictly forbidden unless authorisation in advance has been granted by the author of the work.

The material on the site is supported by the Brazilian Law for Author’s Rights (Law No. 9610/98) and is duly registered with the Brazilian National Library, being duly protected as according to Article 29 thereof. The sharing or publicity of the content on social networks, blogs, forums or any other type of online site or platform is permissible, provided there are links giving reference to the site simplifyingtheory.com or its internal pages, showing where the content was obtained, respectively.

We can take all appropriate measures in order to protect author’s rights with regard to the site content, as shown in these terms and conditions.


The products offered through payment on Simplifying Theory are for personal use and not transferable. This means that under no circumstances is it permitted to distribute, publish, reproduce, license or sell such products.

These products shall be purchased through payment platforms such as Hotmart and/or PayPal. Access to possible products involving video classes shall be made online, within a platform where access is restricted by passwords. From this moment forth, the Simplifying Theory site shall not be held responsible for the processes carried out on these platforms, but does indeed commit itself to helping wherever possible, for the perfect execution of operations with regard to payment and to receipt/use of the material as shown in the pages that promote the products. Should the user make the payment, the site then commits itself to making the material available, as promised. Should there be any impossibility of problem in this regard, then the site agrees to return the money paid by the user concerned. The passwords received for access to video class materials are personal and not transferrable, being considered as products and governed by the same rules that govern any other product traded through the site. The Simplifying Theory site does not take any responsibility in cases where the password sent has been mislaid or lost.

The Simplifying Theory site reserves the right to change the access passwords at any time, with the new passwords being informed to the existing users, and respecting the period of validity as established when the product was purchased.

The Simplifying Theory site does not take on any commitment with regard to the quality of the services provided by the hosting service where the site is hosted. The user is well aware that the visualisation of the video classes depends on the speed and permanence of the connection of their Internet provider, as also the site’s hosting quality.

Simplifying Theory may, but does not have to, increase a user’s period of access if the user is not able to access the material for very long periods because of interruptions caused by faults in the site’s hosting, provided this is informed and explained by sending an e-mail to: simplifyingtheoryteam@gmail.com

The purchase of the digital booklet means acceptance of the fact that the user’s personal data shall appear as a footer in the PDF product.


The time frame for delivery of the digital booklet after due confirmation and receipt of payment is automatic, and is managed by the Hotmart payment platform. If the user does not receive the digital booklet after this time frame has elapsed, then the user shall then send an e-mail to Contact Us and report the problem. In this case, the Simplifying Theory team shall do its utmost to solve the problem and deliver the product in the shortest possible time, also agreeing to make a full refund of the sum paid should the user request this.


After choosing the product, the user must then follow the checkout for payment using the Hotmart system. The user will then be redirected to an external website, with guaranteed security and responsibility, guaranteed by the respective means of electronic payment for the execution of the transaction.

Hotmart shall inform the user about the status of his or her payment, which must also be verified by the Simplifying Theory team. If the transaction is cancelled or is not confirmed, then Simplifying Theory shall then have the right to cancel the user’s order.

On acquiring a Simplifying Theory product the user:

  • Accepts and agrees that the products offered by Simplifying Theory shall be remunerated through the Hotmart and/or PayPal electronic payment system.
  • Accepts that Simplifying Theory shall not be held responsible for any problems, access difficulties, losses, defects, or conflicts with regard to Hotmart and/or PayPal, Hosting Services, or any other third-party service as used by the site.
  • Recognises and accepts that they must become aware of the terms of the Buyer Contract that appears on the Hotmart website, before any payment is made.


(i) Simplifying Theory is a service provider which is hosted by the domain simplifyingtheory.com, and which is made available through the URLs www. simplifyingtheory.com and www.descomplicandoamusica.com.br. The terms and conditions here described apply to all the addresses mentioned above, including their respective subdomains and internal pages.  The term “Simplifying Theory Team” refers to the creators and the managers of the site. The company responsible for this site is a registered company in Brazil under the name: Descomplicando a Musica Aulas Virtuais Eireli, registered on the National Corporation Register (CNPJ) under No. 23.255.637/0001-24.

(ii) The main goal of Simplifying Theory is that of making the teaching of music theory more accessible, offering own original content through simple access to the site and through paid products, with both these classes being governed by these terms and conditions.

(iii) A user is defined as being anyone who accesses the Site and/or makes purchases of Simplifying Theory products.

(iv) From this moment forth, the user agrees and acknowledges the fact that they have the responsibility to carry out regular checks of these Terms and Conditions, these being subject to regular changes.

(v) The user agrees not to use software, malware, robots or any other automatic method to access the site (home page or internal URLs), send e-mails, click on payment buttons, or carry out any action that is in some way related to the Simplifying Theory site.

(vi) The user also agrees not to send spam to the site e-mails or other means of contact. Any e-mail or other message sent to Simplifying Theory and which the site administrators may consider spam may be answered and, if it is requested that the user not send any more e-mails to the site, then the user agrees to strictly follow the guidance and instructions as presented in this e-mail. It is also, from this moment forth, strictly forbidden to send any message or make any other form of contact that cannot be duly answered by the site.

(vii) The user also agrees to provide true information about the user’s personal data, in all aspects, whenever requested to do so, including (but not being limited to): a valid e-mail address, full name, tax identification (in Brazil the CPF number), street address, telephone number, and the like.

(viii) Any user that posts a comment on a page managed by the Simplifying Theory team, whether within the domains descomplicandoamusica.com, simplifyingtheory.com and/or subdomains within these addresses, or by a request made within the platforms where the courses are given (Hotmart domain), hereby agrees that these comments may be shown publicly on sales pages regarding products, or any other part of the sites/domains belonging to the Simplifying Theory team, containing the name, photograph, date, the comment, and any other information about the user, according to the platform used to make the comment. For example, if the platform for comments was Facebook, then the corresponding data shown shall be the data that appears visibly on Facebook. If the user does not wish to have his or her comment used or linked to some Simplifying Theory product, then the user shall contact us by e-mail, sending an e-mail to
simplifyingtheoryteam@gmail.com, in which case we shall not hesitate to remove such data from all locations requested by the user.


The user is fully aware that:

  • The Simplifying Theory team works to publish precise information and proceed with the updating thereof, correcting errors when these are identified by the users. However, any content on our Site or in our products can be incorrect or out-of-date at some point in time. The user may help by sending his or her comment or remark about the issue, and the comment shall be analysed when received, by the Simplifying Theory team, after which it may or may not be answered and applied to the site and/or the product.
  • Simplifying Theory also reserves the right to make changes to the Site at any moment. These changes shall include the following items, without being limited to these: price of products, specifications, and availability of access, provided there is respect for the specifications and rights as already acquired by the users on payment of the products prior to the aforementioned updates.
  • Should the site be invaded by hackers, the Simplifying Theory team shall not be held responsible for actions taken after the invasion. However, the site has protection and acts with great care with regard to the security of the site as a whole.
  • These terms and conditions shall remain effective for as long as the site exists and is managed by the original Team that created the site and its content. Should the site be terminated because of planning and with awareness by this team, or should there be a planned change to the original administration team, then the active users and clients shall be duly informed.

Affiliate Programs

Please read the FTC Affiliate Disclosure.

Data Protection

We shall not divulge or transfer the data of users who visit the site simplifyingtheory.com, or those who communicate with us, to third parties. The user is, however, aware that the making of a payment is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective platforms used, something that is beyond our control.

Similarly, our materials and articles may contain links to third-party sites or references to other works and/or portals. We shall not be held responsible for the content and/or policies adopted by these.

Legal Disputes:

The user does hereby agree that any legal dispute shall be solved in Brazil, in person, in the city of Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul. It shall be the responsibility of the Simplifying Theory team to choose another venue and/or jurisdiction should this be requested or required thanks to limitations or any other reason.

Privacy Policy

The user who uses this site also declares awareness of, and agreement with, the terms of this Privacy Policy.