Musical Feeling

In the music industry, we say that the instrument player has musical feeling when he manages to put feeling on what he is playing. This feeling can be either a technical expression (perfect execution of well-placed techniques that affect our sensations), or it can be an appropriate placement of notes (musical feeling caused by pleasant melodies).

In short, musical feeling is what differentiates a musician from a robot, since a robot can be programmed to play countless notes per second, but he himself has no expression or creativity in music. The proper choice of notes and techniques depends on the context and the environment that music is imposing.

Speed x Feeling

Many say that playing fast is synonymous with not having musical feeling, but that is not true. Musical feeling is not tied to any pattern of speed, scales or styles.

Above all else, feeling is something very personal and is connected to emotion.

Therefore, the very definition of feeling will depend on the listener’s personal taste and emotional state at the time of the performance of the musical piece.

Evidently, the more knowledge of musical theory the instrumentalist has, the more options and ideas he will have to surprise and stir people’s emotions. The Simplifying Theory team is here to help you explore that potential.

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