To conclude this study of Part 1, the Simplifying Theory team would like to leave some tips for you to achieve sight read:

Tips to sight read

  1. Memorize the sequence of notes in both directions (train the scale upwards and downwards).
  2. Make a “model sheet” with the notes recorded in the staff, to serve as a reference.
  3. Print public domain scores, available on the internet, and name the notes for some bars. Then verify them using your “model sheet”. At the beginning of this workout, you can focus on memorizing just a few specific notes and gradually increase the number of spaces and lines memorized. Each well-memorized line and space serves as a reference for finding other notes that have not yet been memorized.
  4. Play the notes you have named on your instrument.
  5. Try to associate the notes on the staff directly to your instrument, without having to name them first, in the precise locations. Practice this part a lot.

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