Bass Clef notation

The lowest bass octaves in a piano do not have correspondence on the staff of the treble clef. That is why another clef was created. The Bass Clef (or F-clef) follows the same logic as the Treble Clef, but the location of the notes is a little different.

Here, the symbol is drawn from the 4th line onwards and indicates that on this line you will find the F note. By knowing this, we can write the remaining notes:

notes in bass clef

On the piano, the location of the octaves is as follows in this key:

central c in bass clef

Notice that in the Bass clef there is the same C that you saw represented in the Treble clef (Central C). It’s a meeting place!

As this clef shows the lowest notes, on the piano it represents what you should play with your left hand, while the treble clef shows what you should play with your right hand.

For this reason, piano scores usually have two staves (one for each clef) simultaneously, since we can play with both hands at the same time. On the guitar, we only use the treble clef.

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