Dead On clip by Jesse Malin as covered by

Check the Jesse Malin and Lucinda Williams animated clip of the music “Dead On”.

Dead On belongs to the “Sunset Kids” album which recalls the Ramones “Spider-Man” video.

In this song, Jesse Malin sings with Lucinda Williams, who produced the album togheter with her husband Tom. The music Dead On is proper for a duet male and female voices.

The timbre of the guitars remembers the vintage style of Ramones band. The colors of the clip also points to that good ages, with a hint of modernity in the movement of the characters in the video, as you can check bellow:

The RollingStone Magazine was the firt to cover this clip on

Who is Jesse Malin?

Jesse Malin is an American singer-songwriter from New York City. He is best known for his critically acclaimed solo records, which mix punk and country. Malin is also the frontman for the alternative rock band D Generation. He has been recording and touring for over 20 years, releasing ten solo albums and touring with Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt.

Who is Lucinda Williams?

Lucinda Williams is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. She is best known for her poetic lyrics and her ability to fuse together different styles of American music, including blues, blues-rock, rock-and-roll, and country. Her songs have been covered by numerous artists, including Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Ryan Adams.

About the RollingStone

Rolling Stone, which launched in 1967, is without question one of the most influential periodicals in the music industry. This year marks the publication’s 60th anniversary. Contributors such as Cameron Crowe, Matt Taibbi, and Greil Marcus have contributed to the publication’s continued relevance. Due to their comprehensive coverage of the music industry and intelligent articles about popular culture, they distinguish themselves from other music journals.

Rolling Stone provides readers with an in-depth look at what’s happening in the music and entertainment industries. Rolling Stone has everything from celebrity interviews to record reviews to market trend pieces.

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Despite an ever-changing industry, Rolling Stone has expanded to embrace a range of media. They have a podcast, a successful website, a network of social media profiles, and a popular print magazine. Due to its creative development, the magazine has been able to keep up with the times while continuing to provide insightful commentary on the music and pop culture industries. Rolling Stone magazine has established itself as a prominent player in the music business throughout time. The magazine (inspired by the band) is a distinctive source due to their unwavering dedication to high-quality music writing and continuous coverage.

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