50th anniversary event of The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe

What is this event about?

Marilyn Monroe looking to the city - old picture

Find out more about the life and death of one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. This evening seminar, provided by renowned writer and biographer Jenny Linden, will cover the life and career of Marilyn Monroe and examine theories about her untimely death. Linden’s talk will provide guests with insight into Monroe’s life, her troubles and her mysterious demise. Tickets: Advance booking is essential. Tickets are £15 each and available from St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum.

Event: ‘The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe’ evening seminar

Date: Wednesday 8 August 2012 Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Where: St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum Robin Brook Centre, West Smithfield, London, EC1A 7BE

At the event, Johnston and Evans will reassess the speculated causes of Monroe’s death and the theories that continue to be debated today, delving deep into the science, medical records and other evidence, to shine a light on one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries. The event at Bart’s Pathology Museum is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Marilyn Monroe’s death, taking place during the annual Pathology Museums Week (6-13 August). The one-off exploration into the scientific mysteries of Monroe’s death is open to the public, however to avoid disappointment booking is advised. Tickets can be purchased directly from the museum’s website, or through the University of London ticket hub.

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress and model known for her glamorous lifestyle, who had dabbled in a music career as well. She recorded multiple versions of “I’m Through With Love,” a song originally sung by Gladys Moncrieff, which she norrowly released as a part of her last recording session of 1959. Monroe also recorded “Every Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy”, as part of her famous involvement with Sammy Davis Jr. Though they recording never surfaced, Monroe also recorded “Heat Wave”, and “When I Fall In Love” with a band in a hot Los Angeles recording studio. Through her limited singing career, Monroe brought grace and true emotion to her performances, leaving fans with a lasting impression.

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